Posted by: kurunner | October 2, 2009

Oh Jillian, How Could You?

I was watching bad daytime tv the other day when Jillian Michaels popped on the screen selling her newest weight loss product — diet pills.  Oh, I’m sorry.  They weren’t diet pills, they are “weight loss supplements.”  Of course, she was just on The Doctors telling America how diet pills don’t work.  The only answer, obviously, is diet and exercise.  Oh, but still buy her pills please so she can make a pretty penny.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big believer in supplements.  Back in my “training” days, I was taking a combination of glucosamine, caffeine, arginine, carnitine, fish oil, etc.  However, these were actual supplements and not weight loss pills.  Sure, caffeine can mildy stimulate your metabolism, but it’s main purpose in my diet was to increase blood flow immediately before a strength session.  And I was only taking the supplements after I had completely cleaned up and tweaked my diet.

See, that’s the thing with pills.  They do have a place in a fitness regiment, but they aren’t a replacement for a well-balanced diet.  Pills won’t do anything for you unless everything else is in place.  You’d be better off throwing money at your thighs to get them to slim down.  Also, supplements need to be chosen with care as most of them have unpleasant, if not dangerous side-effects.  Jillian’s pills are stimulants, similar to Hydroxycut and Stacker, meaning take them and you probably won’t be able to sleep for a bit.  Pills won’t drop pounds magically, but they can help you hone in on that last little bit by improving your workouts.

Here is a very helpful guide to supplements:


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