Posted by: kurunner | October 19, 2009

24 Weeks

I think there is something about pregnancy that saps the creative energy from you.  That, or maybe it’s just all the energy going into baby names and nursery themes.  Either way, my blogging ability has significantly declined in the past few months.  I have topic after topic I want to talk about, but when I sit down at the computer, every thought goes out of my head.

I’m 24 weeks now.  Yay for viability!  That means if something bad happens and I go into labor, there is about a 50% chance that the baby will make it.  Granted, those aren’t great odds, but over the next few weeks, the survival chance will jump up to 90% and after 34 weeks, the chances are the same as a full-term baby.  Of course, I don’t plan on going into labor early, but it’s nice to know.   Twenty-four weeks is also supposed to be the best time during pregnancy.  You are showing, but you aren’t so big that you can’t see your feet.  You still have energy, the baby is active, and you aren’t swollen yet.

Supposed to be, anyways.  I’m peeing every 20 minutes, I’m very achy, and I can’t sleep.  I feel like I’ve been hit in the crotch with a bowling ball.  Repeatedly.  I don’t understand it, but I can workout for an hour at the gym with no problems, but I can’t walk around the grocery store without getting winded.  I’m also getting overwhelmed with the basic parenting stuff.  Since my baby shower isn’t until next month, we have very little set up for the baby.  In fact, the nursery is still full of our office furniture.

It’s funny that this is baby #2 because I don’t remember having these feelings when I was pregnant with Kaelin.

Anyways, I had my 24 week weigh-in and I haven’t quite hit that 20 lb mark yet.  I’m at 19 lbs, but if I keep gaining at about a pound a week, I’ll be around 35 lbs when I deliver.  It’s a little high for what I wanted at the start of my pregnancy, but still within reason.

24 Weeks

24 Weeks



  1. you look great! :)

    the time flies the second time around, doesn’t it?
    and the theory of having more energy at certain points definitely does not ring true when you have other children. There is never enough energy to go around!

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