Posted by: kurunner | February 19, 2010

Harper Grace is here!

This post comes a little bit late, but it’s very hard to type when you have the most adorable little baby craving attention.  Harper is two weeks old today after a very surprising appearance (a quick 2 hour labor followed by an unplanned home delivery).  She’s doing well, and the whole family is just in love with her.

Unfortunately, I gained more than I had hoped with this pregnancy — 50 lbs!  I lost 14 of that at the hospital, then another 13 during our first week home. So even though I’ve lost 27 lbs so far, I still have another 23 to go just to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and 60 lbs total to get to my goal.)  I haven’t “dieted” yet because I’m breastfeeding and cutting calories can interfere with your milk supply, but now that Harper is getting the hang of it and gaining weight well, I’m thinking about trying Weight Watchers.

Numbers on the scale aside, I’m really nervous about my actual fitness level.  I stopped running in October and stopped going to the gym altogether in December when my shoes stopped fitting.  Apparently, they frown upon working out in flip flops. I’m not supposed to do any vigorous activity for another month, but light exercise is okay, so starting tomorrow, I’m going to be doing the C25k program… again.  It feels weird not being able to run for a minute since less than a year ago, I ran a half marathon with no problems.  I know I have to start somewhere, but I’m really worried I won’t get my endurance back in time for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  Registration is in April, so I need to figure it out and fast!  Sadly, I can’t get back in the gym due to child care issues, so I’m going to be doing 30DS every other day until I can start P90X next month with my husband.  I’ve never had much luck working out at home, but I don’t really have many other options.



  1. Congrats! I have been there before. With my youngest son, I gained about 65 lbs (could have been more, at my last checkups, I told them I was done hearing “how much” I gained). I left the hospital with a beautiful baby, with 12 lbs of weight off of me. HELLO! I was shocked. Praise the Lord, I had a cousin who was getting married that fall, and because of that…I made the gym my boyfriend. It was a good one to. That love/hate relationship with some blood (seriously, but that’s another story), sweat (thanks to Step classes), and tears (the joy of denying myself that extra french fry). Don’t fret. You’ll build yourself back up. Congrats,again!

  2. Thanks! I hated hearing my weight every week at the end. You would think that the nurses would learn to take a couple of vanity pounds off just so us 9 month preggos wouldn’t cry.

    My brother is getting married next September, so I’m hoping to hit my goal weight before then.

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