Posted by: kurunner | March 1, 2010

P90X – Day 1

In my anxiousness to get my fitness back, I decided to go ahead and start P90X instead of waiting until 6 weeks postpartum.  I passed the fit test… almost.  I have never been able to do a pull-up and my abs are pretty much non-existant after 9 months of pregnancy. 

Day 1 was chest and back.  Lots of push-ups and pull-ups (or in my case, modified pull-ups with a band).  I HATE push-ups.  There is a reason they’ve never made it into my normal gym routine.  I’ll do all the bench presses, pec flyes, and cable crossovers you want, but I completely wuss out on push-ups.  P90X has you do like 30 varieties of push-ups too.  Ok, well, it’s more like 6, but it still sucks.  I’m not able to do a decline push-up or a divebomber yet, but hopefully that changes soon.  Day 1 also involves ab work, but I’m going to wait a few more weeks before I start.

Plyometrics tomorrow.  Fun stuff.



  1. can I just say super impressive you’re doing push-ups and contemplating a marathon, hardly 1 month post-partum? good luck with getting your fitness back, but, at the risk of sounding like my mother, be kind to yourself and be sure to treasure your cute babe!

    • Sadly, I’m pretty sure the marathon is going to have to wait until next April. Thanks for the advice though; sometimes, it’s hard to remember that I’m still recovering. With my first, it was almost 5 months before I started working out again.

  2. I am in day 58 or 59 (can’t remember) of P90X. I was like you and HATED push-ups. I always felt so weak when doing them. That was until yesterday….I was doing Chest & Back and felt like a push-up machine. I cannot get over how strong I felt and how many I could do! I guarantee you will feel the same if you continue doing P90X. It has made me so much stronger. I love it!!!

    By the way, your baby is ADORABLE!!!

    • I can’t wait until I get to the point where I want to do push-ups. I’m dreading Mondays!

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