Posted by: kurunner | March 7, 2010

P90X – Days 3-7

I’m still with P90X; it’s just been a hectic couple of days and computer time has been eluding me.

A quick rundown of my week:

Day 3 was shoulders and arms.  By far, it’s been my favorite workout, but probably just because it is pretty similar to my gym workouts.  For once, I didn’t feel completely weak.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge selection of dumbbells so I used heavier weights than I should have on some exercises and lighter weights on others.  At some point, I’ll be able to afford more dumbbells, but for now, it will have to do.

Day 4 was yoga.  Um, about yoga…  well, I haven’t done that yet.  Not to make an excuse, but the baby came down with a cold and decided she wasn’t going to sleep.  If baby doesn’t sleep, mom doesn’t sleep.  If mom doesn’t sleep, mom sits comatose watching tv instead of working out.  We were planning on getting it in on rest day, but after a week of P90X, we really needed the rest.

Day 5 was legs and back.  The back stuff was pretty comparable to Day 1 — all pull-ups (or bands in my case.)  The leg work consisted of lots of lunges and squats.  I HATE lunges and Jason HATES squats so it was pretty much an hour of complaining.  I have knee issues, so I didn’t go as deep as the people on tv, but that’s the great thing about P90X…  you do what you can.  I did enjoy the variety of exercises and Tony really did hit the muscles from different angles. 

Day 6 was kenpo.  Kenpo is basically Tae-bo with a cooler name.  I’m sure I’m going to love this workout later, but for now, it sucks.  The moves are complicated and Tony changes the tempo a lot.  I’m not the most coordinated person so remembering 4 different punches while trying to kick without falling over is a challenge.

Day 7 was rest.  Yay rest.  My legs hurt.  My butt hurts.  My triceps hurt.

Anyways, it’s been an interesting week, and I know that it’s too early to see any changes, but I would still recommend P90X to anyone.



  1. Wow! I am definitely impressed by you. It’s a tough enough workout without a brand new baby! You are amazing. Keep it up! I love P90X!!

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