Posted by: kurunner | April 22, 2010

Recipe Find

Don't let the color fool you!

Lately, I’ve been hearing about Green Monsters.  I must admit, I’m not a huge smoothie person, but I was curious.  So, I got out the blender and gave the original Green Monster a go.  It wasn’t bad.  It definitely wasn’t good, but it wasn’t repulsive.  Of course, the recipe made like 4 cups and I wasn’t about to chug it, so down the sink it went.

This morning, I decided to tweak the recipe and give it another go.


It made enough to for two cups and I had no problem drinking it all.  You seriously can’t even taste the spinach in it.  Plus, the health benefits are amazing.  Spinach really is a superfood and since I’m not a fan of green leafies, it’s great to hide it in a drink.  Anyways, here is the version I made this morning.

Strawberry Green Monster

2 cups raw spinach
1 banana
3 large strawberries
1/2 cup milk
1 cup ice

194 calories, 0g fat, 7 g protein, 42 g carbs, 6 g fiber

Vit A 119%
Vit C 102%
Vit D 13%
Vit E 7%
Vit K 363%
Thiamin 11%
Riboflavin 25%
Vit B6 34%
Folic Acid 41%
Vit B12 11%
Pantothenic Acid 9%
Calcium 22%
Iron 12%
Magnesium 27%
Phosphorus 17%
Potassium 33%
Sodium 4%
Zinc 3%
Copper 9%
Manganese 47%
Selenium 7%

You could easily add in some protein powder, different fruits, and some flax or other seeds for a dose of healthy fats. 

It's like a salad for breakfast!



  1. I was so scared to try green monsters for the first time and I was shocked when I actually liked them. It is so true that you cannot taste the spinach although my son would not agree. I tricked him one day and added spinach when he wasn’t looking. He took his first sip and knew right away that I had added something. Oh well, I tried. I continue to drink them almost daily – so easy to get so many great nutrients in!

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