Posted by: kurunner | April 26, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

Ugh, my first weight gain since I’ve had Harper.  I needed to lose 1.6 lbs this week to keep up with my birthday goal; instead, I’m up 0.8.  Yeah, yeah… it’s not even a pound.  But it really sucks that I’m at the point where the weight isn’t just falling off anymore.  I’m breastfeeding!  Aren’t breastfeeding moms supposed to burn like a kajillion calories a day and wake up looking like Heidi Klum ready to don tiny lingerie and strut down a runway?

I guess not.

Well, I really didn’t want it to come to this, but I guess I’m going to go back to tracking calories.  Sadly, the 5th anniversary of my 24th birthday is only 5 weeks away and I have 10.4 lbs left to lose.  I’m not going to throw the towel in yet since 2 lbs a week is still doable, but I really need to reign in the eating.  Weight loss is 80% nutrition and I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying the freedom of eating whatever crap I wanted and still see the numbers going down. 

I guess I’m off to Nutrition Data to see how much I can eat today.



  1. I too thought that breastfeeding would burn so many calories that I could eat whatever I wanted. Boy was I wrong! I think I ended up gaining weight. Ugh! Good luck with meeting your goal weight and remember that sleep deprivation is also sometimes reflected on the scale.

  2. I’ve started to use Fitday PC again to do the same thing, I’ve found in the last two weeks since using it that I’ve lost about 4.5 lbs a week. It’s amazing how off I was on my caloric intake. If you ever want a copy let me know and I can send you the download site and my access code so you can download it.

  3. Stay positive and don’t give up. You can do it.

  4. Relax! and everything will be fine and you’ll lose your weight.

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